Successfully Practicing Real Estate in 30 Days!
- Build a new real estate practice, expand your current practice, or gain skills for your real estate legal career (attorneys, paralegals, and other law professionals included)!

"I know I have the skills!"

Imagine having an amazing job that you're great at, and then realizing that, you can do a lot of the same things on a higher level and get paid more for it? Like being an awesome real estate paralegal and deciding to go back to school to become an attorney

You already have the experience, so what's another degree? You'll have an advantage that many new attorneys with little to no experience won't have- like knowledge on how law firms operate and expertise on particular practice areas

You end up being a successful real estate attorney with endless contacts, hundreds of closings to add to your resume, and a ton of experience.  

Then you realize that, your experience has provided you such an invaluable blueprint that you need to share your success with others so they too can achieve those goals!!

That’s what happened to Crystal!

Crystal working as a paralegal thinking to herself, "I have the skills- why not pursue a degree in law?"

As a real estate paralegal, oftentimes the work you're doing is that of an attorney. If you have experience in this field then you've probably....

Drafted and reviewed legal documents and agreements such as a Contract of Sale or Title Report.

Been designated as the point of contact for the majority of correspondence pertaining to clients' files.

Have had to work outside of business hours.

You may have even been asked by the attorneys that you work how to perform certain tasks! 

I mean, might as well be an attorney right?!

After being a real estate paralegal for 10 years, I decided to go to law school, and because of my experience in the real estate industry, I decided that real estate law was what I was passionate about, and knew I could use my past experience to my advantage.
Crystal in her final year of law school- studying for the NYS Bar!
I was in my final year at Touro Law School, studying for the bar, and I was so excited to finally earn my J.D. and start practicing law.

But little did I know, that law school really didn't teach me a lot of the things I needed to know in order to successfully practice law. 

Although having experience as a paralegal was an advantage, it still didn't fully prepare me for how to be a lawyer. Law school teaches you the law, but ultimately, it's up to you to figure out the rest.

So, I joined memberships and associations, sought advice from experienced attorneys, and learned a lot through trial and error.
Crystal in October 2021- another successful closing!
I went from being a newly admitted attorney with not a lot of confidence on how to lawyer, to closing hundreds of deals within my first year of admission, and now I am a managing attorney!

But much of what I learned on my journey was through trial and error. And throughout the years, I've come to realize that even many experienced attorneys are learning as they go, because there isn't a set blueprint on how to practice law! So if you're feeling lost, trust me, you're not alone and that's why we're bringing you this webinar! 

After over 20 years in the real estate industry, I wanted to share how others with similar aspirations can also achieve the success they're looking for- without all of the hard lessons and mistakes I had to learn on my own.

Today, I know what it takes to successfully practice real estate law. So I decided to partner with another phenomenal attorney to provide you with the ultimate guide on everything there is to practicing real estate, because we made the mistakes so you don't have to! 
"I want my own practice!"

Imagine that you're not happy with your career anymore, and decide to pivot from working in the mortgage industry, to practicing law and owning your own firm

Well as they say, if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life, and there's nothing like helping clients, educating others, and being an entrepreneur, mom, and wife all at the same time!

You can be a successful real estate attorney and business owner, and be at ease knowing you have everything you need to run a successful practice confidently, while also building your 7 figure practice!

The best part is, you get to share how you got there, while enjoying family time, pursuing other projects, and going away on vacations (if only self-care was a write-off!)

That’s what happened to Sabine! 

Sabine prior to becoming an attorney, on her way to work thinking, "Is this really what I want to do?"

While working in the mortgage industry, after a while I realized that it was no longer serving me, so I decided to pursue a career that I had actually always wanted- becoming an attorney!  

Once I graduated law school and determined that none of the firms that I was applying to were providing what I was looking for, I decided to start my own firm.

But that's when reality set in.
Sabine in 2012 after starting her own practice

I started my own firm, Franco Law Firm, P.C., 6 months out of law school. Initially, I was supposed to have a partner, but after finding out I was expecting my daughter, I ended up starting my practice alone.

Like many attorneys, I was surprised to find out how much I still didn't know about actually putting the law into practice, and how little law school actually prepares you for how to lawyer and own a firm.

On top of everything else, I was a new mom. 

Although I had a blueprint on what I needed to start the firm, I was still a newly admitted attorney who didn't have much confidence in my ability to practice law or operate a law firm.

I also made a lot of mistakes that could of been avoided, if I knew then, what I know now.

Things like how to open an attorney trust account, hiring at least one support person as soon as it is financially feasible, how to network and nurture professional relationships, and so much more. 

But once I started hiring support staff, working on my professional development, doing odd jobs such as document review, and getting into the right mindset, I saw things start to shift in a positive way!
Sabine on "The Breakfast Club"
Before I knew it, I had hired new team members, gotten a better grasp of what it means to run a business, honed in on my real estate law skills, developed a referral network, and even had the opportunity to be on an episode of "The Breakfast Club", where I talked about why people need a real estate attorney. 

I also had the opportunity to join an awesome team of real estate professionals on a national tour with Cesar and DJ Envy, to educate people all over the country on real estate and how it can be used to protect their assets!

It all worked out in the end, but it was definitely a bumpy ride to get here. If I had the tools when I first started my practice that I have now, I would have been able to master the law and scale my practice much quicker, and I would have saved a lot of time, energy, and stress!

Which is why I am so grateful to have been able to partner with such an amazing attorney who has had similar experiences, so that we can provide you with the ultimate guide to practicing real estate and scaling your practice!

You've gone to law school, gained experience as a legal professional, and/or you're looking to pivot or start a new career. Now it's time to learn how to put it into practice.
Here's what happened to us after launching my courses...
I was hired to MC Blavity's inaugural EmpowerHER Conference in NYC

  • INSTANT INFLUENCER STATUS: Become the most sought out expert in your niche... like, forreal—it's crazy how fast a course gets you noticed
  • DREAM CLIENTS: Attract amazing clients who pay you top dollar because you have a unique methodology that you teach in your course... I'll show you how to develop your own methodology.
  • INVITATIONS FOR PAID SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES: Your premium course gives you instant credibility & visibility in the market, so be ready to take your expertise to new audiences!
  • THE *RIGHT* AUDIENCE: You can stop playing the IG popularity contest—no more focusing on followers; this will grow your *right* audience and attract the people who really want to learn from you.
  • CONSISTENT INCOME: You'll now have a digital product with little overhead cost that makes you money around the clock (it's still suh-weet seeing that Stripe transfers hit my bank account every month!) 
A one of a kind course that will teach you everything there is know about how to practice real estate and build a successful practice! 
  • Learn how to get into the right mindset for success
  • Learn how to build your network and generate leads
  • Learn what you need to have in place as an attorney
  • Get bonuses and freebies just for joining!
Step-by-step videos on how you can master the law & scale your practice in just 30 days!!
We've done it all so you don't have to! This course will provide you with everything, from helping you gain confidence in practicing real estate law to opening up an IOLA/IOLTA account to how to review a contract of sale, we've got you covered! 

We are two attorneys with over 30 years of experience combined, so you can trust that we'll provide you with all the tools you need to be have a successful practice!

Even if you haven't graduated law school yet or taken the bar exam, or even if you're a paralegal, we've designed this course to benefit you regardless of where you are in your career!
Exclusive Facebook Group!!
  • Access to FB Q&A lives with Crystal & Sabine
  • Connect with likeminded individuals and professionals who are also taking the course
  • Share your progress with others, including testimonials from clients and milestones (we may even shout you out on a live!)
  • Be part of a community that can serve as a support system, motivator, and referral source!

Access to exclusive offers, early course launches, & coaching calls!!

Quarterly coaching calls to evaluate your progress and provide guidance

Access to purchase courses before they launch, and exclusive offers, and announcements

Tailored support during our bi-weekly lives. We want to make sure you succeed as an individual and professional! 
Here's what you'll learn:
  • Who are we and what do we bring to the table?
  • Why did we start this course?
  • What do you need to successfully practice real esate in 30 days?
“To date, I have 6 total signups at $497! I'm super geeked that within 6 weeks of joining #CourseFromScratch, I've made more than my money back and the next class will be pure profit. #receipts 

- Eugene B, CEO of E-Tre Productions & Creator of The Producers Course
"Using Danielle's amazing MVC system, I made $14,967 in revenue in 7 days. The MOST important thing it's taught me is to cut all the fluff (webinars, decks, etc) and directly sell my MVC using a process that was enjoyable for both sides."

Nicaila M, Founder of Side Hustle Pro

  • Why having the right mindest is so important and how it can help you create a successul practice
  • Knowing your worth with qaulity leads and having the confidence to deal with clients even if you don't have all the answers 
  • How to build and maintain a successul referral network 
"The program has helped me gain clarity on what to offer clients and bring in value that they will actually pay for. It has also helped me realize my own value and charge prices that reflect what I’m truly worth."

- Vanessa S, Founder of Mint Worthy
"4200 emails in 5 days. 24 people interested in my course that I haven’t completed yet. I guess governement contracts are hot."

- Cassandra B, Founder of Genesis Preferred
  • Determine what kind of practice you want to have (i.e., solo practice, working with a partner, virtual or brick and mortor, etc.)
  • Make sure you have all the right systems, software, and processes in place
  • Decide if you will want or need to hire staff, and if so, making sure you're building your dream team based on YOUR vision for your firm
"I learned to showcase my storytelling gift, which has measurably improved my Instagram post content. I gained the mental clarity and emotional intelligence needed so that I can charge what I am truly worth. The ongoing access to Danielle, an engaged online community, and insights about course-development tools have been invaluable."

- Michele T, Founder of

  • Learn the rules, regulations, and laws in your jurisdication(s) 
  • Set up your professional bank accounts
  • Get all the neccessary insurance for attorneys and/or business owners
"Danielle is an expert teacher. It's one thing to know what you know and another thing to know how to teach what you know. Danielle's years of experience working with course creators shows—she schools you in instructional design and she models it by structuring the curriculum in a clear, easy to follow way where one week builds upon the next. She also puts you into action and gets you out of your head. I'm a better business person and a better teacher because I now understand how to teach in a way that serves my clients better."

- Titilayo T, Founder of Own Your Expertise

  • Step by step on how to represent both buyers and sellers, respectively
  • Learn how to review a Contract of Sale and Title Report
  • Walk your client through what they can expect from the monent they engage you to the closing table
  • What to expect at closing and surprises that can arise
  • ​What happens after closing and how to release escrow
“I grew my email list to 570, priced my course at $597, and made $4,500! I recently resigned from my job as a Communications Director. In #CourseFromScratch, I got more clear about what I want to offer."

- Ashley J, Founder of Ashley Joy Speaks
"With Danielle’s help, I sold out my first program and set up my course platform in a weekend. In just 2 months, I booked over $20,000 in course sales by promoting to my Instagram followers.”

- Mandela D, Host of The Startup Couch, Forbes 30 Under 30
"I landed my first affiliate partner; I have $300 in sales; I got 45 emails in 1 day; I set up IG easily; I recently got the first sale that I did zero work for. Danielle’s low or no tech system is of utmost importance."

- Daniel H, Founder of Loan Life

  •  Access to lives with Sabine and Crystal
  •  Downloadable sample agreements and contracts
  •  Clio free trial and demo
  •  Calendar management and other useful downloadable templates
  •  Tutorials on reviewing and preparing contracts, closing statements, deeds, and other agreements and documents
  •  And so much more!
The community and the coaching calls are first class. Everyone is super supportive and I have found a tribe of like-minded women and we have formed an accountability circle. I love that about the group, everyone is friendly, and supportive, like Danielle. 

The course is the bomb! Bite sized learning is spot-on. It is just enough information so as not to overwhelm. The ability to ask any question and receive honest feedback is priceless. Well work the money 1000x over. 

- Aithyni R, Founder of The Career Design Lab
"I would describe Danielle as amazing, thorough and ACCESSIBLE, which is awesome. The community is extremely supportive and motivating and the course provides the structure that I need. I'm SO grateful to have found all of the above!"

- Kimberly B, Founder of Real Life True You

When you PAY IN FULL, you'll also get access to...
3 months FREE of Teachable
($297 value)
No tech nonsense! Forget hiring an expensive designer/developer to create a custom course platform. You'll get FREE, immediate access to Teachable, and set your course up in an afternoon with no stress and no cost.
No begging your techie friend to help you
No posting desperately in FB groups
No wasting $5,000 on a designer/developer
No hundreds of hours down the drain

...I'll show you how to DIY the heck out of your course platform.
7-day Email List Builder
($497 value)
Do you know how unstoppable your brand & business become when you have your own email list? They say "the money is in the list" for a good a** reason. No list? No worries! My 7-day List Builder shows you how to build your email list from 0 to hundreds of people interested in learning from you in just 7 days….
Remember the time I helped the Kids Yoga Teacher with no email list get just 100 email subscribers and then do a $10,000 course launch in 30 days

Yeah, we did that. Now it's time to recreate that for you. 
Webinar From Scratch
($497 value)
This is how you'll SCALE YOUR COURSE SALES. Get the webinar slides & sequences that made me over $80,000 in course sales. Webinars are one of the best ways to sell your course. Email conversion rates are 1-3% whereas webinars can convert as high as 30%. 

No hours of Googling & guessing
No buying an expensive Webinar training
No posting desperately in FB groups
No wasting $$$ hiring a designer to make your slides pretty for no reason
Let's get wicked with webinars. 🙂 With my help, you'll be a pro in no time.
When you PAY IN FULL, you'll also get access to...
($11,900 value)
The closing table can be intimidating even with experience, but creating a positive experience for your client and their realtor (if they attend), will help ensure they hire you again and refer you clients. We'll give you a walkthrough of what closing looks like including:
Buyer/Seller Checklist
Title Review Checklist
FAQs your client may ask you
How to stand your ground if things turn unprofessional (yes, it happens!)
How to get testimonials 
Keeping track of your client's milestones after closing
Nourishing your referral relationship
Imagine closing hundreds of deals or more a year!

"I've gone from 0 to 20k followers on Instagram in 1 year and now done over $100k in sales."

- Tara R, Founder of Apps Without Code
"One word: EPIC! Within in a week, I gained over 150 followers in 3 days and landed a client who purchased a $1200 package from me. I priced & positioned my packages because of Danielle's knowledge and insight." 

- Chasity H, Author & Illustrator
"I’ve been blown away by the response my 1st T.A.S.T.Y. post is receiving on Instagram. To date, the post has 600 likes, 140 comments, and I’ve gotten 30 interested course leads who opted in. All with only 2K followers!" 

- Daria W, Hair & Makeup Artist
$100k Course Launch Breakdown
($197 value)
You'll receive the EXACT launch timeline, emails, ads, & strategies behind my $167,639 course launch:
6-figure Launch Timeline
All Emails (email subject, copy, & performance)
Actual Ads (images & copy)
What Worked & What Didn't
Imagine having the blueprint behind an online course launch generating $167,639 in 2 weeks. 

Ready to learn how you can successfully practice real estate in 30 days? Let's get started!
Here's what previous clients are saying:
Ready to create & launch your online course with someone who's been behind dozens of launches?
Let's do this! Ready to create your online course?
What if I haven't even graduated law school yet or have a firm that includes other practice areas?
You can absolutely still benefit from Successfully Practicing Real Estate In 30 Days even if you haven't been barred yet, or if you're already a practicing attorney focused on different types of law. Our course is designed to be all inclusive and to help you be successful in your real estate practice regardless of what stage you're in. Here's what we'll cover in Successfully Practicing Real Estate in 30 Days that will help you specifically:
  • Fundamentals: We'll provide you with the fundamentals of practicing real estate law so that you can be prepared before you even walk across the stage, and so that you'll have an understanding of what's required as a real estate attorney, and be prepared to pivot or add real estate as a practice area. 
  •  Tutorials: Law school may teach you the law, but it doesn't teach you how to lawyer. So even if you have no experience as an attorney or you're well versed in another area of law, you'll already be ahead of the curve with step by step tutorials we provide you with on how to do things like review a Contract of Sale or Title Report.
  • Complimentary Practice Areas: There are many complimentary practice areas to real estate law such as trust and estates and business law, so even if you're unsure as to whether you'll make the shift or add real estate as an additional practice area, you'll be even better equipped for the practice areas you do have. As a law student, it may be both exciting and overwhelming when trying to decide what kind of lawyer you want to be. But knowing the ins and outs of real estate law can help you determine if that's the area of law meant for you and/or give you perspective on other areas of law (plus it's cheaper than paying for classes. Don't tell anyone we said that!)

Is Successfully Practicing Real Estate in 30 Days still relevant if I'm not an attorney?
Absolutely! Understanding the real estate process, what contracts and agreements are involved, and how attorneys operate can help you to be a better law student, paralegal, or other legal professional and provide you with greater insight into the fundamentals of real estate law.
Ready to join us in Successfully Practicing Real Estate in 30 Days?
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